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Luxology adds Sculpting and Animation to modo

Products, Animation — Dom @ 11:33 am

modo.jpgLuxology announced the immediate availability of modo 301, the newest version of its artist-friendly 3D content creation software. Available for both Mac OSX and Windows, modo 301 is a milestone release that features new sculpting and item animation, as well as extensive improvements to its modeling, painting and rendering toolsets.modo 301 combines a real-time subdivision surface modeling engine with an artist-focused set of tools that harness sculpting, painting and rendering technologies to speed the creation of world class 3D content. modo is now time-enabled, encouraging designers and artists to explore an unprecedented range of content creation alternatives as well as produce finished animation sequences from within modo or via motion and deformation data from other applications. This unique combination of modern workflow and fused toolsets deliver increased productivity and performance for 3D artists working in a variety of disciplines including product design, architectural visualization, packaging design and a variety of entertainment industries.

modo 301 Highlights
modo 301 improves performance and strengthens capabilities across modo’s core toolsets -modeling, painting and rendering - while further improving workflow. Two new core capabilities have been added to modo: true 3D sculpting and the ability to animate items and their properties. Key features in modo 301’s comprehensive release include:

  • Precision Modeling and Sculpting: modo’s world class subdivision modeler is further equipped with new snapping functionality and the addition of true 3D sculpting tools that speed base mesh creation and the creation of organic surface detail.
  • Fluid 3D Painting: Painting is now threaded for superior performance; paint strokes can be seamlessly applied across multiple images and even onto multiple UV maps.
  • Item Animation: Properties can be varied over time allowing modelers to, for example, perfect facial morphs by modeling on a moving face or enabling designers to walk-through or animate their designs.
  • “Unleashed” Rendering: The modo renderer now operates on up to 50 workstations (cross platform) and offers rock solid global illumination and blurry reflections in animated sequences.
  • Superior Workflow: Artists and designers will enjoy even smoother workflow in modo due to further refinement of the physical user interface, which is based on more than a dozen iterations that Luxology conducted with beta testers from a variety of disciplines.

Pricing and Availability
modo 301 ships with dual licenses that support both Mac OSX and Windows and sells for a suggested retail price of USD $895. modo is sold and supported by a network of authorized Luxology resellers across the globe.

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