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Rhino for OSX - in development

Products, News — christian @ 12:51 am

Image: 5 minutes by Manfredi Conforzi, KEYFRAMESTUDIO Modeled in Rhino, Rendered in Cinema4D

Rhino 3D is probably one of the most wanted NURBS-modelling application on the Mac.
Now McNeel & Associates have begun developing the NURBS-modeller for OS X. They are aiming for Universal Binaries, so all you folks with PowerPC macs, can also use the product. Well done Rhino.

According to there have been significant work done, and they have builds running, albeit they are not ready for beta-testing in the wild.

RhinoOSX has a closed beta, for accepted applicants only. Quote from

The development process is expected to take more than a year. During this time, Rhino/OS X will be free to anyone who is willing to provide feedback, in these phases:

* Wenatchee builds will be available by invitation to a few brave individuals that can stand the pain of helping to keep the first builds running.
* Cashmere builds are work in progress. Once the hard work is done and Rhino is ready for polishing. We will invite a larger group of Rhino/OS X users to get involved.
* Yakima builds will be available to everyone while we finish up the final bug fixes, documentation, and localization.

So if you’re in the need for some excitement, head on over to RhinoOSX and apply for beta-testing.

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