The Dominance War
19 February 2006 -
3ds Max 7 Review from a game developer’s perspective
15 July 2005 - As the title of this review suggests; I shall be taking a look at the latest and greatest version of Autodesk’s 3dsmax except this time focusing on the tool from a game developer’s perspective. This review will only be covering the feature set relevant to one of Autodesk’s largest user bases; therefore only a relevant subset of the new features will be covered.
Interview with the creators of Awake your Consciousness
25 April 2005 - We interview the creators behind the famous short animation Awake your Consciousness.
Fallen Art Animation Review
24 February 2005 - Last week I was handed a copy of a new computer animated short film called \"Fallen Art\", a DVD pre-release copy which has gone out to major press organizations around the world. The short animation has its roots in Poland, created by a group of talented artists of whom one of them is Tomek Baginski and has recently joined the festival \"live\". I don\'t doubt that all of you are familiar with that name as he is the creator of last years \"The Cathedral\". A short computer animation created by a single artist over a period of one year.
InsideCG Holiday Giveaway
15 January 2005 - Our Digital Santa Clause has choosen the Winners of our Computer Graphics Software Giveaway which is worth aproximately $9300US We would like to take the time and thank our generous Sponsors for donating such great prizes!

Product Reviews

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Interview with the creators of Awake your ConsciousnessLamont Gilkey25 April 2005
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Interview with Sylvian Tardivau, the Artist behind "Ghost"Luke Dryja24 April 2002
Look into a life of an Art Director: Interview with Francis TsaiDominik Dryja18 April 2002
Mech Mania: Interview with Dave WilsonLeonard Teo31 July 2001
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3D Characters: Robert KuczeraLeonard Teo05 June 2001
Alternate Realities: Ed HarrissLeonard Teo26 March 2001
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Order in Chaos - an interview with Terrence WalkerLeonard Teo04 November 2000
Interview with Alex AlvarezLeonard Teo30 September 2000
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Pascal Blanché InterviewDominik Dryja27 June 2000
Interview with Eni OkenLeonard Teo24 June 2000
Interview with Raf AnzovinLeonard Teo08 April 2000
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Amaan Akram InterviewLuke Dryja20 May 1999
Thomas Colding-JorgensenLuke Dryja04 March 1999
Igor Posavec InterviewLuke Dryja24 January 1999
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Reader's Projects

Creating SummerSteve Weber11 November 2002
When Dragons FlyBalazs Kiss (Ward)02 May 2001
Foundation Imaging does Sci-FiLeonard Teo24 March 2001
Chivalry in 3D: XcaliburLeonard Teo and Augusto Schillaci20 March 2001
Creating the Future: Meats MeierMeats Meier & Leonard Teo01 March 2001
The Making of the Ferchu LeafAugusto Schillaci12 February 2001
The Making of FREEWAREMichael Kaczmarek22 October 2000
Systematic EmotionGeorge Gumpert07 October 2000
Virtual Doll: SorayaArild Wiro02 September 2000
The Making of The Switch A. RooKim Oravecz18 August 2000
Behind the Scenes: To the Treetops and BeyondMarc Radford12 August 2000
Behind the Scenes - The Blood RitualShaun Collaco29 July 2000
Creating the SlaveMiles Estes15 July 2000


Painting a Human FigureFrancis Tsai29 January 2002
Modeling Mia - realistic head modeling tutorialMiles Estes18 November 2000

Coverage of Events such as SIGGRAPH

The Dominance War19 February 2006
InsideCG Holiday GiveawayLuke Dryja15 January 2005
The Cathedral ExclusiveDominik Dryja25 February 2003
Digital Behaviour 2002Marcin Kobylecki27 June 2002
A look at Game Developers Conference 2002Scott Uhler03 April 2002
CeBIT HANNOVER 2002 CoverageMarcin Kobylecki27 March 2002
Oscars 2002 ShowcaseLuke Dryja25 March 2002
CG Mecca! Siggraph 2001 adventures - Final updateLeonard Teo11 August 2001

Artist Spotlight

New Artwork - Igor PosavecDominik Dryja25 April 2002
Nicklas AnderssonLuke Dryja20 January 2002
Tomek BaginskiLuke Dryja12 November 2001




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